Two Days Gone

By Randall Silvis

I’m going to start with the good:

Two Days Gone by Randall Silvis starts with a gruesome murder of a best selling author’s entire family. But Thomas is nowhere to be found. Could he have done something like this when his life was so perfect?

The storyline is interesting and in the beginning holds your attention. It is a ‘by the book’ police procedural with a seasoned detective. The interviews with each of the people in Thomas’ life are done in a way that have you thinking each one might know more than they let on. I was more and more intrigued and found myself saying “wait maybe he did it” a bit too often.

And now the hard truth:
this was a boys club police drama where the VERY few woman characters were either portrayed as dumb, a victim, or a stripper. So heavily objectified and written as a useless annoyance to the men trying to protect them or use them. I typically love crime novels with male protagonists, but this felt like it was written by someone who either hates woman or has never spoken to one. It was so distracting by the middle of the story. The dialogue started to be so ‘cliche guy cop with a rough past’ that I wasn’t as excited for the truth to unfold. Much of this belongs in a 70’s cop drama. I can’t even imagine men enjoying this as I think most would find the protagonist lacking something original and they too would find the brief run ins with women so unusual.

Even with the great potential of a unique storyline, I personally cannot recommend this book as a must read mystery/crime. if you do decide to read this, caution on the first chapter as it is quite gruesome. You can easily skip it and start at chapter 2 not missing anything- you know the family was murdered by someone.